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AutoZone, covering all your vehicle requirements!

Extended Vehicle Warranty

When your vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty is about to expire, AutoZone Protect does not miss a beat! Our Extended Vehicle Warranty means that you do not need to go even one day without cover.

  • Enjoy up to 24 extra months of cover when your manufacturer’s warranty expires
  • Helps pay for major mechanical breakdowns and electrical failures
  • Continues on from existing warranty
  • Affordable premiums

AutoZone Protect’s Extended Vehicle Warranty gives you cover for an extra 24 months, or until your vehicle reaches 250 000km, whichever occurs first. That is up to two extra years of worry-free driving to help you move onward and upward in life. The Extended Vehicle Warranty starts from the date that your manufacturer’s warranty or maintenance plan expires.

Rand Value Cover


4×4 front differential unit




Braking system


Cambelt failure




Cooling system


CV joints




Electrical components


Electronic ignition




Front wheel drive unit


Fuel system


Gearbox transmission (manual/auto)


Management system




Propshaft and couplings


Steering mechanism


Turbo assembly


Hotel accommodation(per insured event/claim)

Max R1000

Car hire(per insured event/claim)

Max R1000

To qualify, your vehicle must:

  • Have a valid manufacturer’s warranty or service plan in place
  • Have a full service history
  • Have less than 120 000km recorded on the odometer
  • Be a passenger, 4X4 or light commercial vehicle with a gross vehicle mass of fewer than 3 500kg

Normal wear and tear is not covered by this policy. Normal wear and tear is defined as deterioration arising through the use or age of your vehicle which does not result in actual mechanical failure.

Pre-Owned Warranty

At AutoZone Protect, we know that your vehicle is there to help you move onward and upward through life; it should not hold you back! That is why we offer our Pre-Owned Vehicle Warranty, so that you can stay on your road to greatness without worrying about unexpected vehicle expenses.

  • 4 Categories of cover
  • Helps pay for major mechanical breakdownsand electrical failures
  • Wide range of cover
  • Affordable premiums

When your vehicle suffers a major mechanical breakdown or electrical failure, you do not need to worry about covering the unexpected cost on your own. AutoZone Protect’s Pre-Owned Vehicle Warranty offers four categories of cover that are tailor-made for your vehicle, depending on its age and mileage.

Vehicle Categories

Better Drive 1 – Vehicles less than 7 years old with fewer than 120 000km

Better Drive 2 – Vehicles less than 9 years old with fewer than 160 000km

Better Drive 3 – Vehicles less than 10 years old with fewer than 220 000km

Better Drive 4 – All other vehicles that do not fall into the above categories

Cover continues to 300 000km/15 years, whichever occurs first.


  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Differential
  • Differential Lock
  • Transaxle
  • Management System
  • Turbo Assembly
  • Front Wheel Drive Unit
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Air Conditioner
  • Cooling System
  • Free Wheel Hubs
  • CV Joints
  • Propshaft and Couplings
  • Steering Mechanism
  • Braking System
  • Fuel System
  • Electronic Components
  • Electrical Winch
  • Clutch
  • Suspension
  • Radiator
  • Overheating

To qualify, your vehicle must

  • Have a full service history or must be serviced within 30 days of taking up the policy
  • Be a passenger, 4X4 or light commercial vehicle with a gross vehicle mass of fewer than 3 500kg.

Accident Cover

The best way to enjoy life is to live worry-free, and that is exactly what you can do with AutoZone Protect’s Accident Cover! You will be covered for accidental death and disability with no excess payable and no waiting period, all for an affordable monthly fee.


Cover Amount

Monthly Premium

Plan A

R50 000


Plan B

R150 000


Plan C

R250 000


Plan D

R350 000


Plan E

R500 000


Partner/Spouse Plan A

R50 000


Partner/Spouse Plan B

R150 000


Partner/Spouse Plan C

R250 000


Partner/Spouse Plan D

R350 000


Partner/Spouse Plan E

R500 000


What does AutoZone Protect’s Accident Cover do for me?

  • We provide cover for the accidental death and disability of the main member, and up to five dependent children up to the age of 21, OR who are full-time registered students under the age of 25
  • You can also cover your partner/spouse for an additional discounted cost
  • We will cover death as a result of a car accident
  • You get cover for permanent disablement as a result of an accident that partially or completely prevents you from performing your occupation
  • Get a tax-free payout in the event of death or disability
  • There is no excess payable
  • There is no waiting period

Tyre and Rim Guard

Dodging potholes is a game that all South Africans lose from time to time. The next time you hit one, we will sort out your tyre and rim for you.

What is covered?

We will repair or replace your tyres and/or rims when they are damaged accidentally by potholes.

Based on the selected package, there is a maximum annual cover limit of up to R20 000.

What does it cost?

There are 5 plans available ranging from R49 – R149 per month.

We’ve thrown in Fines Protect on this product, which is an administrative service that can save you up to 90% on your traffic fines. Fines Protect members have access to a unique service that is designed to take the hassle out of traffic fines. This service will notify you of all fines and then provide a quick, easy and painless channel to get them paid, with the added benefit of guaranteed fines reductions for members.

On top of all this, we’ll give you full legal assistance to assess the legitimacy and legality of your fines, and proof of fines settlement with the peace of mind that there will be no nasty surprises at future road blocks.

Scratch and Dent Protect

We all experience a bumper bashing every now and then; with our Scratch and Dent Protect plan, we’ll quickly restore your car to its former glory.

What is covered?

  • Minor chips
  • Dents
  • Light scratches on the body of the vehicle.

What does it cost?

There is a flat-based monthly premium rating. There is a small excess fee per claim and there is no limit to the number of claims you can make per annum.

We offer a three-year guarantee on all work done. This plan also includes License Protect Plus, which provides administrative and queue-for-you services.

License Protect members have access to a unique service that is designed to take the hassle out of vehicle license renewals. We will notify you of vehicle license renewals and then provide a quick, easy and painless channel to get them renewed, with the added benefit of never needing to put a foot into a post office – we will queue for you and deliver your vehicle license to your door. We will also give you proof of renewal and securely hold copies of your vehicle licenses in case they are ever lost or stolen.

SMS “PROTECT” to 39834 and we will call you back or enquire in-store.
AutoZone Protect is only available in South Africa
AutoZone Protect products are underwritten by Auto and General Insurance Company Limited, a registered insurer and authorised financial services provider. FSP number: 16354. T’s and C’s apply. *SMS charged at R1-50. Free SMSes do not apply.