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Filter Facts You Must Know

GUD Filters | Facts You Must Know

Get GUD Autodetox, A full oil change and filter replacement to restore your engine’s health.

Heavy traffic is bad for your engine

While you’re stuck in traffic your mileage doesn’t increase, but your engine is still running, Causing additional wear and tear. By changing your oil, air and fuel filters regularly between services, you dramatically improve fuel efficiency and slow engine wear and tear.

Receive a FREE 10 point safety check with GUD Auto Detox

Restore your engine’s health

GUD FILTERS® has joined forces with leading automotive workshops countrywide to offer you GUD AUTODETOX – the fast, easy way to maintain the overall health and efficiency of your car’s engine.

Did you know that in heavy traffic your wheels might not be turning but your engine is?

This means increased engine wear and tear, decreasing the efficiency, power, and overall performance of your engine. This ultimately will reduce the lifespan of your engine. It also often means a drastic increase in your vehicle’s fuel consumption, which adds to your motoring expenses.

Booking a GUD AUTODETOX between your regular service intervals can help you cut these costs. A healthier engine in under an hour

1. AUTODETOX is an oil and filter change, with a FREE 10 point safety check, which includes: checking the engine, the electrical system, brake and tyres transmission and final drive.
2. All it takes is an hour at any participating AUTODETOX workshop to make sure your car is 100% ready to hit the road.
3. Over time, these regular AUTODETOX checkups will save you money and fuel, and remove costly treatment services, ultimately prolonging the life and good health of your car’s engine.

You can book a GUD AUTODETOX at any participating service professional.

10 Point Safety Check


1. Oil leaks
2. Engine – check for abnormal noise
3. Engine oil level


4. Brake operation – foot & handbrake

Electrical System

5. Wiper blades
6. Wiper washer bottle & spray operation
7. Hooter
8. Lights – head lights / indicators / hazards

Steering & Safety

9. Seat belts – correct operation / locking
10. Steering – check for excessive play.