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Specialised chemicals, coatings, lubricants and more!

PS23 manufactures and develops a range of specialised chemicals, coatings and lubricants for automotive and industrial use. Their product range comprises of lubricants, cleaners, anti-rust solutions, car care products and more.

PS23 Engine Oil Treatment is an oil additive that has been specially designed to make engines run smoother, quieter and cooler. It also improves your car’s performance and results in much improved fuel consumption, whilst also extending the life of your engine. PS23 Engine Oil Treatment can be added to your lubricants in petrol, diesel and turbo charge engines, as well as gearboxes, hydraulic pumps, rams, compressors and even industrial machines, improving performance and reducing downtime.

The Engine Oil Treatment from PS23 also improves the functionality and efficacy of the oil it is added to. When added, the treatment’s molecules are transported to all working components, resulting in an incredibly tough and durable surface coating which protects it against friction and reduces heat, wear and oil pollution.

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