Terms and Conditions

Rewards Card Terms and Conditions

  1. The AutoZone Rewards card is issued by and remains the property of the AutoZone Retail and Distribution Pty Ltd or any of its subsidiary or associated companies. AutoZone reserves the right to decline, issue and withdraw the Rewards card at any time.
  2. You are required to submit your valid South African ID (or for Non-South African Citizens Passport Number) to register, to change your details or manage your Rewards card value, accumulate or redeem the Rand value allocated.
  3. The AutoZone Rewards card or any accumulated benefits are not transferrable.
  4. To earn CASH BACK for transactions, the AutoZone Rewards card must be presented at AutoZone till points in order for the transactions to be recorded. If no card is presented before beginning the transaction is rung up no CASH BACK will be earned for the transaction. No CASH BACK will be retrospectively processed for transactions in the past where the Rewards card has not been presented.
  5. For every Rand spent in store 1% will be earned.
  6. Available CASH BACK will be reflected on your Rewards card within 5 days of your purchase.
  7. AutoZone reserves the right to change the CASH BACK percentage at its discretion subject to notice to the member.
  8. CASH BACK earned from purchases from AutoZone will be valid for 3 years. AutoZone reserves the right to close any Rewards card and account that has been inactive for a period of 24 consecutive months. CASH BACK or money attached to cancelled cards or closed accounts will be lost.
  9. CASH BACK or values earned for transactions where goods are later returned will be deducted from your Rewards account.
  10. Your AutoZone Rewards card cannot be used as a credit, debit or guarantee card and is valid at selected stores.
  11. AutoZone reserves the right to alter or change operational conditions of the Rewards card programme or to terminate the programme at any point. In the event of programme termination, CASH BACK values will remain valid for 30 calendar days post termination.
  12. In the case of a prolonged strike or industrial action, AutoZone reserves the right to suspend any Rewards activity for a period to be defined at its discretion.
  13. Money accumulated from transactions remains virtual money and may only be utilised as a discount on AutoZone purchases. No customer will receive cash money from the Rewards scheme.
  14. A valid cell phone number, and/or email address will be required from each holder of a Rewards card for all communications. No communication will be sent to phone numbers outside South Africa.
  15. We will never share your personal details with any other company unless it is entirely necessary for the operation of the Rewards programme.
  16. For all lost, stolen or defaced cards, contact your nearest participating store for assistance, or the AutoZone call centre at 0861 122 111. You can instruct AutoZone to block/deactivate your lost, stolen or defaced card and request a new card once identifying yourself with an identification document in store.
  17. CASH BACK attached to the lost/blocked/defaced card can be transferred to your new card. AutoZone cannot be held liable for loss of monetary value.
  18. Any abuse whatsoever of the AutoZone Rewards card by any person could constitute a criminal offence and AutoZone reserves the right to cancel such person’s membership and withhold all monetary value from his/her account. Criminal charges will be prosecuted if circumstances so dictate.
  19. Incorrect or invalid cards or card numbers will not be awarded CASH BACK.
  20. Being registered as a member of the Rewards programme irrevocably signifies your agreement to the above Terms and Conditions.
  21. The AutoZone Rewards card is not available to any AutoZone staff members.