AutoZone Anti-Freeze 50% 1L

AutoZone Anti-Freeze 50% Glyco 1Ltr
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• AutoZone Anti-Freeze Summer Coolant is a heat dissipating agent that retards overheating in summer. It contains approved formulations for the effective control of engine operating temperatures and general coolant system protection. AutoZone Anti-Freeze Summer Coolant remains effective for up to 18 months in a sealed system.
• 1Ltr
• Summer Coolant
• Suitable For Petrol & Diesel Engines
• Anti-Corrosive Agent
• 50% Concentrate
Additional Benefits
• Lubricates water pumps.
• Combats rust and corrosion.
• Prevents aluminium corrosion.
• Prevents foaming.
• Prevents scale build up.
• Suitable for both petrol and diesel engines.
Directions for Use
• Drain the cooling system whilst hot and clean the system with a suitable radiator flush or clean water.
• Check hoses and clips for leaks and replace if necessary.
• Mix 50% AutoZone Anti-Freeze and water and fill the radiator.
• Replace radiator cap. Start the engine and allow it to reach normal operating temperatures.
Recommended Mixing Ratio
Neat: -36C 50% Dilution: -12CM
CAUTION Harmful if swallowed - contact doctor. Any concentrate spilt on vehicle paintwork should be washed off immediately.