AutoZone Anti-Freeze 96%

AutoZone Anti-Freeze 96% Glyco 1Ltr
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• AutoZone Anti-Freeze Concentrate complies with the SABS 1251 requirements and complies with the specifications of most leading vehicle manufacturers. It is suitable for both petrol and diesel engines in both commercial and passenger vehicles and is effective for up to 18 months in a sealed system.
• 1Ltr
• Summer Coolant
• Cools, Cleans and Protects
• Anti-Corrosive Agent
• 96% Concentrate
Additional Benefits
• Superior heat dissipating agent.
• Prevents foaming.
• Combats rust and corrosion.
• Has no negative effect on rubber hoses and gaskets.
Directions for Use
Drain the cooling system whilst hot and clean the system with a suitable radiator flush or clean water. Check hoses and clips for leaks and replace if necessary. Partially fill the system with clean water and add the required quantity of AutoZone Anti-Freeze Concentrate. Top-up to total volume as specified in the vehicle manufacturer’s handbook. Replace radiator cap. Start the engine and allow it to reach normal operating temperatures.
50% Dilution: -36C +129C 33% Dilution: -18C 25% Dilution: -12C
CAUTION Harmful if swallowed - contact doctor. Any concentrate spilt on vehicle paintwork should be washed off immediately.