AutoZone Brake Fluid Dot 4 500ml

AutoZone Dot 4 Brake Fluid 500ml
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• AutoZone DOT-4 Brake Fluid is a high performance brake and clutch fluid which meets all O.E.M. requirements. It is suitable for all disc and drum brake systems and clutch control systems, except those that require mineral oil.
• 500ml
• High Performance Brake Fluid
• Protects Against Corrosion
Directions for Use
Carefully clean surface around filter neck before removing the cap. Check level in reservoir frequently and fill to within half an inch of filler opening. Should examination reveal regular loss of fluid, system should be checked for leaks. If bleeding or flushing the system, follow motor manufacturer’s instructions.
Technical Data
• SG: 1.500 - 1.070/Lt
• pH: 7 - 11.5
• Boiling Point: 260C MIN
• Colour: Amber
• FMVSS: 116 SAE J-1793 and ISO 4925 Standard Specifications.
Poisonous if swallowed. Can damage certain paintwork and plastics. Brake Fluids are hydroscopic; water contamination will result in brake failure. Keep containers well sealed. Keep out of reach of children.