Autozone Anti-Freeze 20%

Anti-Freeze 20% 1 Litre
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·          AutoZone Anti-Freeze Summer Coolant is a superior quality mono-ethylene glycol based product suitable for use in all passenger and commercial vehicles which have water cooling systems
·          Suitable For Petrol & Diesel Engines
·          Ready To Use
·          20% Concentrate

Additional Benefits:
·        Protects all cooling system metals i.e. aluminium, cast iron, copper, brass, steel and solder  
·        Has no corrosive effect on hoses or gaskets  
·        Anti-foaming agent  
·        Protects against rust  
·         Compatible with all major brands of Anti-Freeze/Summer Coolant 

Directions for Use:

Drain the cooling system and clean the system with a suitable radiator flush or clean water. Check hoses and clips for leaks and replace if necessary. Fill the radiator system with AutoZone Anti-Freeze Summer Coolant as is (No dilution necessary). Replace radiator cap. Start the engine and allow it to reach normal operating temperatures.

Technical Data:
M.E.G. Content 20% SG at 20C 1.04 pH 7-9 Freezing point -8C Boiling point +99C

Harmful if swallowed - contact doctor. Any concentrate spilt on vehicle paintwork should be washed off immediately.
Vehicle Compatibility
Vehicle CompatibilityN/A
If the product is found defective within 6 months then it can be returned for replacement, repair, refund.