AutoZone Black RTV Silicone

90ml, Room temperature vulcanising silicone
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·          A permanently flexible rubber sealant which can be used to make waterproof seals for joints, gaps and cracks. Adheres to glass, painted or varnished surfaces, metals and most plastics
·          High Temperature -60 To 250

Surface Preparation:

·          Ensure surfaces are clean, dry and free from grease or oil
·          Remove the cap from the tube and pierce the tube with the built-in piercer on the back of the cap
·          Attach the nozzle to the tube and cut it to the width required
·          Hold the tube at a 45¬∞ angle and push along the joint applying enough pressure on the back of the tube to ensure gap between the surfaces is completely filled
·          A wet flat instrument can be used to smooth away any inconsistencies before the sealant skins over
·          Sealant will reach full cure after 24 hours


Silicone contains acetic acid which irritates the eyes, and if contact occurs, flush thoroughly with warm water. If irritation persists, consult a doctor
Vehicle Compatibility
Vehicle CompatibilityN/A