AutoZone Brake Cleaner 330ml

AutoZone Brake Cleaner 330ml
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• AutoZone Brake Cleaner is an advanced technology product that is designed for lubrication and protection of fuel, oil and diesel engine components.
• 330ml
• Fast Evaporating, Non-Chlorinated Formula
• Cleans Away Grease, Dirt And Oily Residue Easily
• Helps Stop Brake Squeal And Chatter
Additional Benefits
• Keeps mechanisms free of contaminants which reduces wear on parts.
• Extension tube allows access to hard to reach areas while the brake unit is assembled.
• Suitable for use on drum and disc brakes, wheel discs, brake linings, brake blocks and clutch parts.
• Can be used to clean carbon deposits, sludge and dirt from carburettors, chokes and PVC valves.
Directions for Use
• Apply liberally to the areas to be cleaned and degreased. Use the extension tube to spray small parts.
• Allow to drain off. AutoZone Brake Cleaner binds dust and cuts through grease and grime.
• Leave to dry in open air or wipe with a dry cloth. Dries to leave no residue.
• Repeat the process if necessary.
Use in a well ventilated area. Not to be used on plastic and painted surfaces. Dissolved dirt can stain driveways. Rinse the area after use.
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