AutoZone Out of Car Battery

Leisure Battery
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·          A battery designed for outdoor use and leisure activities

·          What is the difference between our conventional car batteries and this leisure battery?

A leisure battery is designed to provide a steady amount of current over a long period of time. It can provide a surge when needed but less than a car battery can.
The surge feature in our conventional batteries is required to ``Start up`` your vehicle and this ``High`` surge is not required for 12v Appliances.

Our AutoZone leisure battery comprises of thicker plates. They also have glass mat separators added to increase the life of the positive plates.
A leisure battery is the ideal power source for 12V appliances. They can be used for powering 12 lights, T.V`s, kettles, and other 12v electrical appliances.
AutoZone Leisure batteries are designed to withstand multiple discharge/recharge cycles without loss of battery health.
Vehicle Compatibility
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If the product is found defective within 6 months then it can be returned for replacement, repair, refund.