Castrol Actevo 4T 10W40

Part Synthetic Motorcycle Oil 1Litre
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·          Did you know that most engine wear happens when your engine is warming up? Ordinary engine oils drain off engine parts when the engine stops leading to wear during
warm up. Castrol® Actevo® with Actibond Molecules® is
a semi synthetic, 4-stroke motorcycle oil that is uniquely formulated to cling to critical parts even when the engine is off, providing a protective layer from the moment you
start your engine
·          Clings to engine parts providing a continuous layer of protection during start-up and beyond
·          Provides up to 70% wear reduction in comparison with other JASO MA-2 oils, dramatically increasing engine life
·          Provide superior protection from high temperature carbon deposits, enabling the engine to retain its performance for longer
·          Delivers excellent thermal stability for enhanced protection and resistance to oil burn-off at temperature extremes
Vehicle Compatibility
Vehicle CompatibilityVisit the link below to see which Castrol oil is recommended for your vehicle:
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