Castrol BOT 402 SAE 75W85 GL4

Fully Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid 1 Litre
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·          Castrol BOT 402 is a fully synthetic SAE 75W-85 manual transmission fluid. Castrol BOT 402 can be recommended for most manual transmissions where API GL-4
lubricants are required
·          Castrol BOT 402 meets Opel’s requirements for use in the manual transmission of all front wheel drive (FWD) and rear wheel drive (RWD) passenger cars worldwide


·          Smoother and easier gear shift due to a combination of reduced shifting forces and optimal synchronisation
·          Reduced torque loss increases efficiency over all transmission load ranges
·          Increased wear protection of synchronizer and bearings during startup phase
·          Fuel saving potential – less fuel consumption means lower emissions
·          Improved shift comfort and prevention of “synchroniser clash” during gear change at a wide range of ambient temperatures and operating conditions
·          Extended synchroniser life reduces warranty and maintenance costs
·          Optimal lubrication of transmission components enhances performance and life
·          Maintains noise reduction (eg : in-gear rattle; idling rattle), improved driver satisfaction
·          Excellent transmission cleanliness and longer oil life permit decreased servicing
·          Longer oil and component life permit extended drain and decreased servicing
·          Helps protect surface of moving parts, extending transmission life
·          Helps avoid oil leakages, reducing repair costs
·          Better environmental compatibility – easier waste oil disposal and recyclability


·   Excellent cold flow properties combined with balanced frictional characteristics
·         Excellent synchroniser performance and maintained frictional properties during lifetime 
·         High shear stability
·         Excellent thermal and oxidative stability
·         Temperature reduction through reduced friction
·         Good anti-pitting behavior
·         Good seal compatibility
·         Free from chlorine and heavy metals
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