Castrol Tramsmax Z 500ml

Castrol Tramsmax Z 500ml
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High quality full synthetic automatic transmission fluid formulated to provide ultimate wear protection and performance except where Dexron® VI type fluids are specified.

Recommended for buses, coaches and commercial vehicles operating under heavy loads or extreme conditions wherever General Motors type fluids are recommended.

Excellent resistance to oxidation thus assisting in prolonging the life of the lubricant
Extended oil drain potential resulting in lower operating costs,
Enhanced protection against deposits to extend transmission life,
Temperature reduction in severe conditions improves transmission and oil service life, and assists in reducing fuel consumption and emissions,
Optimised frictional characteristics to provide smoother gear changes and better protection against wear,
Outstanding cold flow properties materially assisting in reducing wear at start-up,
Proven performance in drag racing (e.g., Lenco drag racing transmission in Pro Stock),
Low foam – stable gear shift performance when transmission is hot,
Compatible with mineral/conventional automatic transmission fluids,
Lower volatility – negligible oil loss at extreme temperatures,
Better control of deposits – cleaner transmission – longer transmission life.
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