Indy Quantec 10W40

Semi Synthetic Motor Oil 5 Litre
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·         INDY Quantec 10W40 is an advanced semi-synthetic motor oil providing superior performance in new generation passenger car engines
·         INDY Quantec 10W40 offers enhanced lubrication and engine protection.
·         This engine oil is lighter in viscosity than conventional passenger car engine oils and flows easier through the engine under cold starting conditions thereby ensuring better protection
·         INDY Quantec 10W40 offers improved fuel efficiency compared to conventional 20W50 and 15W40 engine oils
·         It contains unique anti-wear additives that protect the engine consistently and is specifically formulated to provide a thick cushion of lubrication to protect hard working engines  
·         INDY Quantec 10W40 contains unique anti-oxidation additives to optimise protection and combat excessive engine and bearing wear
Vehicle Compatibility
Vehicle CompatibilitySuitable for vehicles who require 10W40 Motor engine oil.

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