5 of the coolest “Easter Eggs” you can find hidden in cars


Post created: 29 March 2021

This Easter season, AutoZone thought we’d throw a little something different your way and blow your mind with these 5 incredible hidden features found in some vehicles.

If you don’t already know it, an “Easter Egg” in a vehicle is a secret feature that the manufacturer purposely hid within the design – just for fun!

So, here are our 5 favourite ones – let us know if you’ve ever spotted them!

1 – VW’s Hidden Camera

Recent models of VW Golfs or Passats offer an on screen reverse view – but where’s the camera? Well, hidden under the VW badge that flips up when reverse gear is engaged!

2 – Opel Corsa’s Shark in the Cubby Hole

Brought on by a dare by fellow designers, upon opening the cubby hole in some Opel Corsa’s you will notice the outline of a shark on the side!

3 – Fiat Panda – Panda Writing

This fun little compact vehicle features the word “Panda” written word search style on the interior of the door. Now that’s a fun way to pass time as a passenger. Drivers – eyes on the road of course!

4 – Volvo XC90 – Proud of our seatbelts

Did you know that it was Volvo who invented the three-point seatbelt? This revolutionized driving safety! To pay tribute to this invention the Volvo XC90 has “Since 1959” engraved on their seatbelts. Thank you Volvo!

5 – Ford GT 40’s Headlights

For all the muscle car lovers out there – you’ll love this one! Ford cleverly celebrated their 100 year anniversary by making the headlights of the new GT40 look like the number “100”. So the left headlights read “100” with the right headlights switching around for symmetry to read “001”.

How many of these did you already know about? Do you know of other Easter eggs?
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