Post created: 30 March 2023

Shell have introduced a leading range of motor oils designed to optimise vehicle performance and engine protection levels, to produce an unforgettable driving experience. This is thanks to a combination of exclusive innovation through their Flexi Molecule™ & PurePlus Technology™. 

Flexi Molecules remain inactive in low-pressure situations, but activate to form protective barriers under high pressures and temperatures to offer your engine comprehensive cover and protection against wear & tear. Shell PurePlus technology is a revolutionary process where natural gas is converted into crystal-clear base oil with virtually none of the impurities found in crude oil.

Find out more information on their leading range of motor oils and which would be suit your vehicle below –

Shell Helix HX7

Suitable for Petrol and Diesel Engines, Shell Helix HX7 makes use of both synthetic & mineral base stocks, to achieve higher performance levels when compared to performance generated from mineral oils alone. This oil works to extend your engine’s lifespan by offering protection against daily wear, even in daily traffic conditions.

Shell Helix HX7 is designed to protect turbocharged engines against damage from low-speed pre-ignition, including engine ‘super knock’, broken spark plugs, cracked pistons and even engine failure caused by LSPI.

Shell Helix HX8

A fully synthetic motor oil that provides relentless performance, cleansing and protection levels. Shell Helix HX8 helps to extend engine life by protecting against wear, even in the toughest driving conditions. Suitable for all equipment-manufacturer-recommended oil-drain intervals. It features a low oil consumption rate for less frequent top-ups. It’s suitable for Petrol and Diesel Engines.

Shell Helix Ultra

Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40 provides unrivalled sludge protection and cleaning, even at the longest manufacturer-recommended oil-drain intervals. It is approved for use by numerous makers of high-performance vehicles, recommended by automotive giants like Ferrari.

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Offer valid from the 29th of March – 12th April 2023. Only 3200 units are available nationwide, while stocks last. The images displayed are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product. T’s & C’s apply