How to jumpstart your car using a portable jump starter


Post created: 19 January 2023

It is important to familiarize yourself with your portable jump starter’s instruction manual in order to get the full benefit and understanding of all of its multiple functions, as well as how to operate it correctly.

A portable jump starter is rated as one of the most beneficial tools one can have in your artillery with regard to your vehicle’s ongoing maintenance. It can also be used for general household products if required. Check out our handy video demonstration below.

Our handy informative guide below outlines how to use a portable jump starter:

Charge your device

Typically, most portable jump starters have some charge stored in its internal battery after purchase, this is due to the sequence of quality checks before packaging. However, it is recommended that you fully charge your new device prior to using it properly. The majority of chargers are compatible with common household plugs, as well as the available ports on the side of the device for charging options and scenarios.

Set up the required connections

Some charging packs are equipped with hard-wired cables, whilst others have quick-attach options. Determine which connectors you will need in order to set up your jump starter for your easiest storage location and operating convenience.

Attach the cables

If possible, attach the cables directly to the battery itself by securing (first) the red cable to the positive (+) port on the battery and then the black cable to the negative (-) port. Make sure these are correct and follow the fitting sequence furnished in the instruction manual. When removing the terminals, always remove the black (- negative) first then the red (+ positive).

Place the charger in a safe location

It is recommended that you secure the device and ensure that the connecting cables are out of the way of the engines rotating pulleys and/or fan blades when attempting to start the engine.

Turn on the device

For your own safety, it is advisable not to attempt nor activate a portable jump starter before it is connected properly and securely first.

Start your engine

Crank your engine until your vehicle starts successfully. If your car does not start on your first attempt, leave it for about 30 seconds and try again. If the problem persists, there may be a fault with your battery internally. It is advisable to then have the battery checked or replaced. AutoZone outlets can complete these tests for you, find your nearest store here –

In the event that your car does not start with ease, it is usually a clear indication that you have a faulty battery. Tip – you can have your battery tested for FREE at any AutoZone outlet, there is also a full range of various batteries for all vehicles including add on components i.e., straps hold downs, terminals and different length battery straps.

These additional battery solutions are available at your nearest AutoZone store –

Disconnect the jump starter

While the engine is running, turn off the power switch (if equipped) and carefully disconnect the cables from the battery posts (first the black clamp, followed by the red).

Please note this task is ranked as a 2/10 on the AutoZone Hints and Tips Difficulty Rating.

INDEMNITY: These hints and tips are for information purposes only. For more details please consult the relevant workshop manual for your vehicle. Neither Auto Parts Distributors Pty (Ltd) nor any of the AutoZone outlets will be held liable for any damage or injury whatsoever resulting from the use of the information contained in this pamphlet.