How to replace your brake pads


Post created: 16 August 2022

The majority of vehicle owners can relate to experiencing a subtle squeaking sound from time-to-time that gradually gets louder and louder every time we use our brakes. Alternatively, perhaps we have stopped a little too close to the car in front us, despite braking as we normally do. These are both signs that your vehicle’s brake pads need to be replaced.

It is vitally important not just for your own safety, but for other vehicles around you, that you are aware of the possible signs that indicate your brake pads need replacing. These include:

– Squeaking or squealing coming from your brakes whilst in use.
– Dashboard dial alerts (Note – not every vehicle will have brake pad alert indicators).
– There is a grinding sound when braking.
– Your vehicle vibrates whilst braking.

If you experience any of these issues, you may be wondering how you could go about finding the right parts to fix them. The most effective route is to take your vehicle to your nearest AutoZone – where our seasoned professionals will provide you with the highest quality replacement parts.

Once you have the correct replacement parts, follow the steps below to get your vehicle running like new again:

Step 1: Remove the wheel.

Step 2: Remove the slider bolt.

Step 3: Pivot the caliper up.

Step 4: Slide out the old brake pads.

Step 5: Replace the retaining clips.

Step 6: Slide in the new brake pads.

Step 7: Retract the pistons.

Step 8: Monitor the brake fluid level.

Step 9: Reposition the caliper.

Step 10: Reinstall the slider bolt.

Step 11: Repeat for the other side.

Step 12: Test-drive your vehicle under safe conditions.

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Please note this task is ranked as a 10/10 on the AutoZone Hints And Tips Difficulty Rating, and caution should be applied whilst performing this task.

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