AutoZone’s Brand New Range of Oils – manufactured by Shell!


Post created: 13 October 2021

The wait is over! AutoZone is proud to bring to trade and customers alike, our long-awaited, hot new innovative oil range! This brand new and improved range of oils is manufactured by Shell – so you know when buying AutoZone Oils that you are buying quality. Its molecular formulation has been meticulously designed to lubricate engine parts, reduce friction, clean, cool and protect the engine– providing consistent engine performance.

We have 5 exciting variations of oil in our new range – so you will find something for any kind of vehicle you need as our oil is suitable for a wide range of engines.

Plus, this cutting-edge oil comes in 2 sizes for your convenience – 5L and 500ml.

Learn more about our exclusive range and its benefits here:

ATF D2 Automatic Transmission Fluid

AutoZone ATF D2 is a high-quality transmission fluid suitable for many passenger cars and heavy-duty automatic transmissions, power steering and hydraulic fluid applications. This transmission fluid provides dependable anti-wear protection.

80W-90 Gear Oil

AutoZone 80W-90 is an automotive gear lubricant containing multi-functional additives required for mild to extreme pressure conditions. This gear oil provides dependable anti-wear protection.

15W-40 Multigrade Motor Oil

AutoZone 15W-40 motor oil is designed for total engine reliability and provides consistent engine performance. AutoZone 15W-40 can be used when API SL/CF is recommended.

SAE-40 Monograde Motor Oil

AutoZone SAE-40 is ideal for protection of older vehicles and provides consistent engine performance. AutoZone SAE-40 can be used when API SL/CF is recommended.

20W-50 Multigrade Motor Oil

AutoZone 20W-50 will offer sustained engine protection and durability for older vehicles.

AutoZone 20W-50 can be used when API SG/CD is recommended.

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