Post created: 5 July 2022

Water scarcity is a reality in South Africa. The protection of our drinking water is an especially important issue for the oil lubricants industry, because just one litre of used motor oil can pollute a million litres of water. THE ROSE Foundation (Recycling Used Oil Saves the Environment) is driving the responsible recycling of used motor oil in SA, and

AutoZone is supporting this initiative by providing used oil drop-off points at selected AutoZone stores.

After the South African government withdrew its support for the used oil refining industry in 1994, the foundations were set for ROSE to be created. The foundations were created and backed by the major lubricant countries operating in South Africa to help protect the environment by preventing irresponsible dumping and burning used lubricating oil. ROSE’s primary objective is to collect as much used lubricating oil as possible and to add as much value to this oil within the strictest environmental standards. Our stated objective is to encourage cleaner production before waste reduction and waste minimization. Failing that we aim to recycle or reprocess used lube oil into economically valuable products.

It was evident to the newly-formed ROSE foundation that there was a desperate need to transition the used oil industry out of the “stone age” and thrust it into the 21st century to build a better, more sustainable future for all South Africans. As a result, the ROSE foundation in partnership with its members – the major lubricating companies within South Africa, have invested over R100 million towards:

  • Building used oil storage depots
  • Manufacturing used oil mini tanks
  • Environmental awareness advertising and stakeholder communications
  • Collecting and safely disposing of used oil
  • Encouraging collectors and processors of used oil to meet environmental standards

The vision of the ROSE Foundation is to ensure that all available used lubricating oil and related waste is collected, recycled and managed in an environmentally responsible manner. The ROSE Foundation promotes and encourages environmentally responsible management of used lubricating oils and related waste in South Africa.

The core business principles of the ROSE Foundation are to conduct business in a manner that protects the environment, as well as the health and safety of the broader community. Additionally, the foundation works closely with the Government to develop environmental laws, regulations and standards whilst facilitating levels of compliance within all relevant legislations to encourage good corporate governance. The development of sustainable partnerships with organizations who are committed to meeting environmental and ethical standards are a high priority of the ROSE Foundation.

ROSE also supports the upliftment of historically disadvantaged individuals in the used oil and related waste industries. Make decisions and investments that further ROSE’s environmental objectives. Support initiatives that promote responsible used oil management in other countries where members operate. Review and adopt global best practice in the recycling of used oil and related waste.

AutoZone are proud to partner with the ROSE Foundation to support the safe and ethical collection and disposal of used oil. You can drop off your used motor oil at any of the following participating AutoZone branches:

  • Bellville
  • Ceres
  • George
  • Oudtshoorn
  • Uitenhage
  • Vredenburg
  • Worcester
  • Phalaborwa
  • Midway
  • Louis Trichardt
  • Mokopane
  • Venda
  • East London
  • Elliot
  • Mthatha
  • Queenstown
  • Alrode
  • Aerotan
  • Wadeville
  • Westdene
  • Boksburg
  • Burgersfort
  • Pretoria Central
  • Randburg
  • Hatfield
  • Booysens
  • Roodepoort

Bubele Nyiba, CEO of the ROSE foundation, was interviewed on Radio 702 on the Clement Manyathela Show recently about the correct recycling of used oil. Listen to the interview on this 702 podcast –