A detailed step-by-step guide to using PayJustNow with AutoZone Online


Post created: 20 May 2024

A detailed step-by-step guide to using PayJustNow with AutoZone Online

Step 1: Sign up for PayJustNow

Visit their website: Visit the PayJustNow website directly from any device with internet access.

This website provides all the necessary details about how the service works and the benefits it offers.

Create Your Account: Click on the ‘Get started’ button usually found in the center of the homepage. You’ll need to enter essential details such as your email, a secure password, and personal identification info like your South African ID number. It’s crucial as it helps in verifying your identity and ensuring secure transactions.

Verification Process: After entering your details, you’ll undergo a brief verification process. This may include SMS verification to confirm your phone number and linking a bank card which will be used for automatic instalment payments. This setup is crucial for facilitating smooth and timely payments later on.

Step 2: Shop AutoZone Online

Navigate the AutoZone Online Website: Visit the AutoZone online store.

Here, you can explore a wide range of automotive parts and accessories tailored to your vehicle’s needs.

Select your products: Use the search bar to find specific parts or browse through categories such as batteries, oils, tools, and much more. Detailed descriptions and specifications are provided to help you make informed decisions.

Add items to your cart: As you find the necessary items, add them to your shopping cart. You can review your cart at any time to make changes or finalise your list of items.

Step 3: Checkout using PayJustNow

Proceed to checkout: With items in your cart, click on the checkout button. Here, you will enter or confirm your shipping details to ensure accurate delivery/collection from your desired AutoZone branch.

Choose payment method: Select PayJustNow as your payment method. This option will split your payment into three parts, making it easier to manage financially without incurring interest.

Payment confirmation: You’ll be redirected to PayJustNow’s platform, where you’ll review the payment schedule. The first instalment is paid immediately, and the remaining two over the next two months. Confirmation is immediate, and you’ll see the payment details and schedule laid out clearly.

Step 4: Instore purchases with PayJustNow

Visit your nearest AutoZone branch: When you visit an AutoZone store, carry your smartphone with the PayJustNow app installed. This is essential for completing the transaction.

Select your items: As you shop, you can consult with AutoZone’s in-store professionals for advice on the best products for your needs. Once selected, you can proceed to the checkout counter.

Checkout process: Inform the cashier that you would like to use PayJustNow. Log into the app to view your payment plan including the dates and amounts of each instalment and confirm the payment.

If you need assistance, please contact our customer service centre on 086 11 22 111 for further assistance.

Why choose PayJustNow?

Using PayJustNow at AutoZone helps you manage your financial resources without compromising on quality or timely access to essential automotive products. It’s a budget-friendly option that allows you to maintain and enhance your vehicle immediately, with the flexibility of spreading the cost over three payments without any additional fees, provided you pay on time.

By following these expanded steps, you can maximise your shopping experience at AutoZone South Africa using PayJustNow, ensuring both convenience and financial flexibility!