TEPA: Empowering Consumers to Combat Fraud in The Automotive Industry


Post created: 13 March 2024

In a concerted effort to maintain integrity within the automotive industry, The Tyre Equipment Parts Association (TEPA) has launched a dedicated hotline for reporting fraudulent activities. This initiative, endorsed by key stakeholders such as the SA Tyre Manufacturing Conference (SATMC), has garnered widespread support from major parts manufacturers and distributors. Vishal Premlall, the national director of TEPA, emphasises the importance of consumer vigilance in ensuring a fair and transparent marketplace.

What is TEPA?

The Tyre Equipment Parts Association (TEPA) is a vital organisation within the automotive industry, dedicated to upholding standards and promoting ethical practices in the manufacturing and distribution of automotive parts, particularly in the tyre and equipment sector. With the support of influential stakeholders like SATMC, TEPA plays a crucial role in fostering an environment of trust and accountability.

The Fraud Reporting Hotline

TEPA recognises the prevalence of fraudulent activities within the industry and has taken a proactive step by establishing a hotline to encourage individuals with knowledge of such activities to come forward. The hotline, reachable at 011 886 6300, provides a confidential and secure channel for reporting any suspicious or unethical practices. By fostering a culture of transparency, TEPA aims to curb fraudulent activities and maintain the industry’s credibility.

How Consumers can Contribute

As a consumer, you play a pivotal role in ensuring the integrity of the automotive parts industry. Here are steps you can take to support TEPA’s initiative:

Stay Informed: Be aware of the industry standards and ethical practices. Stay informed about TEPA’s mission and the importance of reporting fraudulent activities.

Report Suspected Fraud: If you come across any suspicious activities, report them promptly to TEPA’s hotline at 011 886 6300. Your vigilance can contribute to maintaining a fair and honest marketplace.

Support TEPA Members: Look for the TEPA affiliation when choosing automotive parts suppliers. Supporting TEPA members ensures that you are dealing with businesses committed to ethical practices.

Spread the Word: Share information about TEPA’s hotline and its mission with fellow consumers, mechanics, and industry stakeholders. The more people know about this initiative, the stronger its impact will be.

Vishal Premlall’s Perspective

Vishal Premlall, TEPA’s national director, expresses gratitude for the widespread support from key stakeholders. He emphasises that consumer involvement is crucial in the fight against fraudulent activities. By leveraging the hotline, consumers become active participants in preserving the integrity of the automotive parts industry.

In conclusion, TEPA’s hotline is a powerful tool for consumers to contribute to the eradication of fraudulent activities within the automotive industry. By staying informed, reporting suspicious activities, and supporting ethical businesses, consumers can help uphold the high standards set by TEPA and its collaborators. Together, we can ensure a trustworthy and reliable marketplace for all.

AutoZone South Africa proudly supports TEPA’s efforts in upholding ethical practices and standards within the automotive parts industry, reinforcing our shared commitment to excellence and consumer trust. Together, with TEPA and its collaborators, we strive to ensure a trustworthy and reliable marketplace for all.