GUD Filter kits – one-stop filtration solution


Post created: 28 September 2021

Good quality filters ensure that vehicles can perform at their peak. The vehicle filtration system is made up of air, oil, fuel, and cabin filters, with each playing a significant role in the prevention of harmful contaminants from entering the engine and ventilation systems. Like most hard-working car parts, filters should be replaced according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended service interval to avoid poor performance, or worse – engine failure.

Almost all vehicle manufacturers recommend that all filters must be changed during a major service. It therefore makes sense to have all the required filters packaged and sold together with the application clearly indicated on the packaging.

GUD Filters, South Africa’s premium automotive filter brand, offers a one-stop filtration solution in the form of a filter kit for workshops, mechanics, or DIYers doing a major service. The OEM quality filter kits are available for over 50 of the most popular vehicle models on SA roads. Not only are GUD filter kits a great cost-effective option, but they also eliminate the guesswork out of selecting the right filters for a vehicle service, saving you time and money.

GUD filters are backed by a comprehensive product warranty and are made locally so it is really easy to contact their help desk for advice.

Find the filter kit you need at before purchasing at AutoZone.