How Worn Shock Absorbers affect Driving Safety


Post created: 23 May 2023

Shocks and struts form an integral part of your suspension system. They are designed to deliver a smooth ride and ensure that your steering, stopping and stability aren’t compromised. Furthermore, shocks and struts also help prevent suspension parts and tyres from wearing out prematurely, which could result in difficulty controlling your vehicle.


Reduced braking efficiency – Worn shocks and struts can contribute to your vehicle’s stopping distance increasing, which can be dangerous in the event of an emergency that requires quick, sharp use of the brakes. Additionally, you are also at increased risk of skidding on wet roads.

Increased wear and tear on tyres – You could’ve sworn you had your tyres replaced not so long ago, but why are they showing signs of cupping or accelerated wear? The answer: Your shocks or struts may have reduced ability to help maintain tyre-to-road contact. This can pose many safety risks, including an increased risk of aquaplaning when driving in wet conditions.

Loss of handling and control – Over time, shocks and struts are worn down and, as a result, can lose their ability to control weight transfer within your vehicle. This can result in feeling like you are not in complete control of your vehicle, which can be dangerous in any driving situation.

Increased wear on other suspension parts – Worn out shocks and struts can have a negative impact on your vehicle’s steering, braking, and suspension capabilities. As the shocks/struts wear down over time, they allow for more suspension movement – resulting in your steering, braking and suspension components suffering the same effects.

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