Why shock absorbers should be changed in pairs


Post created: 12 February 2019

Is your vehicle in need of new shock absorbers? Did you know that shock absorbers should always be changed in pairs?

Believe it or not there is a science to this as replacing one at a time won’t do any good for your vehicle. Your shock absorbers have a direct impact on your braking distance, road holding, stability and vehicle control.

A new shock absorber has no internal wear and damping characteristics which will most definitely differ from an old shock absorber that has been in constant use.

A new shock absorber combined with an old one will speed up the wear of the old one. Replacing
one at a time will have an effect on your handling and steering behaviour which will have an overall effect on the safety of your vehicle and other vehicles on the road.

Therefore, keep this in mind when replacing your shock absorbers. Always replace them in pairs.

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