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A Glimpse into the Future

What will driving look like?

Talk to most people about the future of driving and the first thing that comes up is the issue self-driving cars – will they work, are they safe, will they be affordable? While this is a very real possibility for the future with many companies already releasing autonomous cars, there are many other trends to look out for.

Our safety has been a primary concern for car manufacturers for decades and this pursuit of innovation in this field is something that we don’t predict changing. Ever. As safety technology improves, accidents and road deaths should decrease as well. It is interesting to note that most accidents that have been recorded among self-driving cars have been due to human error and not the car itself.

With global warming and the environment being a global concern, car manufacturers have come on board with green innovations, lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This is something that we predict continuing. Hybrid vehicles will become more and more common and electric car manufacturers, such as Tesla, are currently working on making more affordable electric cars for the masses.

A major safety risk on our roads at the moment is the use of phones while driving. Because this problem doesn’t seem to be going away in our constantly connected society, car manufacturers have started working on more connected cars that don’t compromise the safety of road users. Look at Bluetooth syncing, which is available in most cars today, and other connectivity tech, like Ford’s SYNC®. This is something that we predict improving as time goes on.

Another trend that we have noticed in 2016 car shows is the presence of communication between cars. At its core, vehicle-to-vehicle communication covers speed, distance and trajectory of the cars around you in order to lessen the risk of accidents. This will be especially useful in autonomous driving scenarios.

These are based on trends we have noticed in recent car shows, as well as automotive news. In summary, safety and the environment seem to be the two main focuses in car manufacturing moving forward. At AutoZone, we are excited about the direction that cars are going in and we will keep sourcing and providing world-class products to meet your automotive needs!