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Autonomous Cars

The Future of Self-Driving Cars

Can you imagine sitting back, having some coffee and reading the newspaper all while driving to work in the morning? This might just be the reality in the not too distant future as self-driving cars are being developed and expected to hit the streets in the next few years.

The question is – why? Why do we need self-driving cars? Why would we want them? Will they improve our lives or make us less independent? Today we will be looking at the advantages and disadvantages of self-driving cars.

  • In South Africa, the road accident statistics are alarming. Whatever the reason for these accidents (driving under the influence, speeding or human error), self-driving cars will go a long way in improving this. The driving ability of the vehicle won’t be affected by how inebriated the driver is and will make up for their lack of driving skills. It should therefore make our roads remarkably safer.
  • A self-driving car could act as a valet, dropping passengers off and parking far away, only to return when needed. Your frustration at spending ages looking for a parking spot will therefore be eliminated. We love the sound of that!
  • Traffic is usually caused by human error. By eliminating this factor, self-driving cars would eliminate most traffic pile-ups, not counting those caused by road works or roadblocks. If not for anything else, this is one reason to look forward to self-driving cars.

These are just a few benefits of autonomous vehicles, but in order to give you a clear picture, we need to discuss the cons of these types of vehicles, too.

  • The first and probably the most obvious drawback will be cost. A car is already a big expense that many in South Africa can’t afford. With much of the benefits of self-driving cars being based on the premise of most people having it, this might not happen. No prices have been released yet, but we expect these vehicles to be quite costly.
  • Technology, as great as it is, isn’t always perfect. Things can go wrong and when it comes to driving at high speeds, this could become very dangerous. While we’re sure developers and manufacturers will go to great lengths to ensure the quality and safety of self-driving cars, there will always be a safety risk as you relinquish control.

Whichever way you choose to look at it, self-driving cars are the way forward. We’re sure that as time goes on, they will start replacing traditional cars on the road and will definitely change the way we drive and live. One thing’s for sure – you’ll always need quality parts to keep your car on the road.