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Brake Judder

What causes brake judder?

Brake judder is recognisable as a vibration that is felt through the steering wheel and suspension when you apply brakes above a certain speed. It can vary from a light vibration to violent jerks experienced through either the brake pedal or steering wheel.

Cause 1: Hub or disc run-out

Brake judder is the possible result of badly fitted brake disc pulling out of alignment with the hub or caliper. Check the wheel hub surface for any rust or dirt to identify whether this is the case. There are various solutions to remedy this.

Cause 2: Severe overhearing and distortion of the disc

Any significant increase in temperature could result in the disc metal distorting in different areas. Such ‘hot spots’ cause erratic contact between the pad and disc, resulting in a judder.

Cause 3: Disc thickness variation (DTV)

DTV is the difference thickness around the surface of the disc. Brake discs need to have even thickness throughout for effective braking. Any uneven friction surface will cause the brake pad to lose and regain contact with the discs as they turn, causing a judder.

If you’re not confident with working on vehicles, it is important to consult a professional before attempting any work on the braking system, as this is a crucial part of vehicle safety.