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Cabin Air Filters

GUD Cabin Air Filters

Cabin Air Filters

Get GUD Autodetox, A full oil change and filter replacement to restore your engine’s health.

Breathe Easy with GUD Cabin Air Filters

Pollutants entering car

  1. GUD Cabin Air Filters clean the air passing through the vehicles ventilation system stopping contaminants including pollen, dust and fumes from entering the vehicle.
  2. A clean Cabin Air Filter:
    • Optimizes the performance of the car’s air conditioner
    • Prevents bad smells in the cabin
    • Stops windows misting up
  3. G.U.D. Cabin air filters are easy to change as per the fitting instructions supplied in the box.

GUD Cabin Filters

GUD has an extensive range of Carbon Activated and Particle cabin air filters for various vehicle makes and models.

Parts Application:

AC39 VW Polo 1.4
AC18 VW Golf IV, Jetta IV
AC46 ISUZU KB Series
AC67 Corsa Utility