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Monroe Shocks and Struts

Monroe Shocks and Struts

Keeping your wheels on the road

Monroe Shocks and Struts is a highly respected brand in the global automotive industry, including passenger and commercial vehicles. With an already comprehensive product offering, Monroe continues to expand its product lines of aftermarket shocks in order to give consumers the coverage that they need.

Have you ever wondered how shocks and struts are manufactured? Monroe shows you how at their ride control production facility in Paragould, Arkansas, USA. Click here to discover how!

Replacing your shocks

It is advised that you replace your automotive shocks and struts at around 80,000km in order to protect your driving safety. If you’re unsure, ask your automotive service provider to perform a safety check every time you have your annual service, or at least every 20,000km.

New shocks can improve your braking and handling when driving under certain conditions. They also contribute to making your vehicle safer and easier to control.

Everyday driving wears out your ride control components, which could pose a safety risk to yourself and other road users. Even if your shocks and struts don’t show physical signs of wear, the internal components have passed their useful lifespan. If you drive under severe conditions or often haul heavy loads, your shocks and struts may be susceptible to additional wear.


When the shocks and struts on a vehicle are worn, it allows for excessive body roll when turning. This negatively affects the vehicle’s ability to safely navigate corners and drive around objects on the road.


Worn shocks and struts may cause excessive weight transfer to the front wheels when brakes are applied, resulting in an increased stopping distance.


Additional roll, sway and bounce when driving can all be caused by worn shocks and struts on a vehicle, which results in a decrease in the driver’s control and poses a serious safety risk.

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