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Ram Automotive Belts

Ram Automotive Belts

Quality Belts and Hoses

ram is a leading manufacturer and supplier of fan belts, Poly-V belts and timing belts. Their products are manufactured to strict specifications and standards from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) from around the world. What’s more, ram uses quality materials in manufacturing, leading to a long service life, low noise and exceptional performance and durability.

Fan Belts

ram fan belts maintain a positive non-slip contact with the pulleys for much improved power delivery. High strength polyester cords provide and extended life and prevent failure to the shock load. ram fan belts also has oil resistant, square-woven backing fabric to dramatically reduce surface fatigue, and a fibre-reinforced cushion section supports the cords and keeps them pulling together in unison.

Tension Chart

Belt Section

New Belt


Absolute Minimum


50 Kg 110lbs

41 Kg 90 lbs

32 Kg 70 lbs


55 Kg 120 lbs

45 Kg 100 lbs

36 Kg 80 lbs


59 Kg 130 lbs

50 Kg 110 lbs

41 Kg 90 lbs


64 Kg 140 lbs

55 Kg 120 lbs

45 Kg 100 lbs

When a fan belt is properly tensioned, it ensures smooth operation and prolongs the operation life of any associated components. Incorrectly tensioned belts, on the other hand, can cause a variety of avoidable issues like noise, vibration, poor performance and more.



That you tension correctly

Belt squeal and slippage, or low tension belt flap

That you avoid unnecessary contamination of oil and water

Wet and oily belts which cause overheating and degredation

That you check bearings and mountings are not damaged

Cracking due to overheating belts. Bad mounting will affect alignment

That you check correct alignment

Excessive side wear and belt turnover

That you fit suitable pulleys

Slipping noisy belts that cannot be cured by continual re-tensioning

ram moulded cog cut edge fan belts are designed to give optimum performance and a long trouble-free life if fitted and maintained correctly

Poly-V Belts

ram Poly-V belts experience far less performance noise and feature high strength cords that are able to extend the belt life and hinder shock load failure. They feature a fibre reinforced cushion section which is specifically designed to support the cords and reduce wear and tear of the pulley.




Hardened, polished sides or grooves

Incorrect tensioning (low tension)
Misaligned pulley
Tension member damaged due to incorrect installation

Fit and maintain to vehicle manufacturers’ recommended tension
Align pulley
Install new Poly-V Belt correctly

Uneven wear of ribs

Substantial vibrations
Misaligned pulley

Fit and maintain to vehicle manufacturers’ recommended tension
Align pulley

Cracks and chunks out of the belt

Excessive or low tension
Ageing (hardened cushion section)

Fit and maintain to vehicle manufacturers’ recommended tension
Replace the Poly-V belt

Broken belt

Belt folded prior to or during fitment due to careless handling
Belt damaged during assembly by use of inappropriate tools
Excessive belt tension

Avoid mishandling the belt
Use only tools recommended by vehicle manufacturer
Fit and maintain to vehicle manufacturers’ recommended tension

Noisy operation

Insufficient tension
Belt past its useful life

Fit and maintain to vehicle manufacturers’ recommended tension
Replace the belt

Belt backside damage

Backside idler pulley defective (sluggish, damaged surface)

Replace the backside idler pulley (Poly-v Belts only)

Excessive wear

Excessive slip (low tension)

Fit and maintain to vehicle manufacturers’ recommended tension

ContiTech Timing Belts

Timing belts drive camshafts, balancer shafts, injection pumps and other components, and allow for synchronous transmission in engines. The ContiTech timing belts from ram guarantee perfect performance in this regard.

Automotive Hoses

Numerous original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), aftermarket consumers and motorsports professionals prefer ram automotive hoses above that of other manufacturers. All ram automotive hoses offer considerable heat resistance, ozone resistance and abrasion resistance as well as long-term reliability.

90 Degree Bend Hose

Features superior wall strength thanks to its knitted reinforcement, as well as rubber compounds, resulting in a hose that is resistant to heat and the ozone.

Air Brake Hose

Air brake hoses from ContiTech are specially manufactured for a working pressure of 10 bars with a temperature resistance between -45°C and 70°C.

Cotton Covered Fuel Hose

Produced with PVC Nitrile rubber compounds, including a polyester braided cover which gives protection against abrasion or accidental cutting.

Galaxy Air Conditioning Hose

This hose has been designed to offer superior protection against refrigerant discharge in air conditioning systems.

HY-T Heater Hose

Two spiral layers of fibre reinforcement cover the HY-T heater hose, offering excellent resistance against extreme heat.

Moulded Radiator Hose

ram’s high strength moulded radiator hoses are produced with knitted reinforcement and uses EPDM construction.

Fuel Filler Neck Hose

Connects to fuel tanks of most types of vehicles, including and passenger vehicles, LDVs, boats and off-road vehicles, and offers outstanding resistance in cases where leaded petrol is used.

Ramflex Hose

This hose features specially designed knitted reinforcement that counteracts splitting, ballooning and elongation.

Rubber Fuel Hose

ram’s rubber fuel hose features an oil and petrol resistant Hysunite rubber cover, which can withstand contact with fuel, heat, vapour and moisture.

Straight Radiator Hose

The straight radiator hose is produced for common coolants and straight coolant connections for use in industrial and automotive applications.

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