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Battery removal and installation

How to remove and install a car battery

Battery removal:

  1. Before removing the old battery take note which terminal Pos+ or Neg- is connected to the ground cable. The grounded cable is usually connected to the engine or chasis.
  2. Disconnect the ground or negative (-) cable first. This will prevent sparks caused by accidental short circuiting.
  3. Diconnect the positive (+) cable from the termianl post and then remove the battery hold-downs
  4. Finally remove the battery from the vehicle.

Battery fitment:

  1. Very important step
    Carefully place the new battery in the tray making certain the (+) and (-) are in the same position in relation to the grounded cable (as noted in step 1). This procedure ensures correct polarity. Replace the battery hold-downs but so not over tighten at this point.
  2. Follow the revers of the procedure in “Removing the battery”. Connect the positive cable first and then connect the grounded cable. Make sure both cable connections to the terminals are tight. Coat the terminals and the cable with petroleum jelly or a propriety terminal protector. Do not use grease which may contain metal additives.
  3. The hold-down nuts can ow be tightened securely. Do not over tighten.
  4. Installation is complete. To ensure battery is installed correctly, turn ignition on. If battery is properly installed the ammeter or charge indicator in some vehicles will show discharged. Crank the engine. Once the engine is running the ammeter or charge indicator light should function correctly.
  5. It is advisable to always have the vehicle’s charging system checked after the fitment of the new battery.