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How to select your Sabat car battery

Selecting your Sabat Battery

Sabat Battery
  • When replacing a car battery install one equivalent or higher in capacity to the original battery.
  • Replacing the original with one smaller in capacity may result in poor performance and shorter life.
  • If the replacement battery has considerably less capacity than the original battery, it will probably not crank the engine at low temperatures.
  • Difficulty could also be experienced in cranking in high compression engines when they are hot.
  • A premium battery, with more electrical power than the original battery in the car, provides a higher safety factor and gives you longer service. Therefore it is a worthwhile investment.
  • Make certain that the replacement battery is dimensionally satisfactory: that it fits in the tray and is compatible with the hold-down device
  • If it is higher than the old batter, you must make certain that the terminals on the top of the battery clear the hood by at least 19mm.