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Brake Abuse Indicator System (BAIS)

What is it and how does it work?

SafelineĀ“s new patented guarantee system now conditionally guarantees your brake pad for 50 000km using unique thermal indicating heat paint. By implementing the new guarantee procedure using four different temperature ranges on the backing plate, each one indicates the heat generated by the vehicles brake system. This ultimately determines the mileage given on the guarantee. On the card provided you will see the colour changes that take place once the paint has reached its maximum temperature.

These colour changes take place when the specified colour gets exposed to a certain temperature for an extended period. Different brake systems generate different heat ranges and driving style also affects the guarantee. It is important to note that these colours are situated on the back of the brake pad meaning we measure the soaking temperature of the brake pad and not the brake disc as such.

We have taken into consideration that we all need to do an emergency stop from time to time. Based on our research we have noted that this would not affect the guarantee as the heat generated between the brake pad and brake disc needs to be maintained for a certain time to soak trough to the backing plate. This heat would only soak through if the brake system is exposed to high operating temperatures for an extended time. The brake system on a vehicle travelling on the highway would operate at a lower temperature than a vehicle being used in town.

There may be slight variations from vehicle to vehicle. Disc thickness would also influence these colour changes.