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Shield Chemicals

Shield Chemicals

Keep your car looking great with Shield!

Most people spend a lot of time in their cars, from their daily commute on heavily congested highways to long road trips with friends and family. Treat your car well with car detailing and maintenance products from Shield! Shield creates prestige car care products that clean and polish the surfaces of your car whilst also providing strong protection against the elements and everyday wear and tear.

Exterior Car Care

Shield offers high quality products to take care of and protect every inch of your car’s exterior surfaces, from the headlights to the wheels. It’s a well-known fact that everyone enjoys driving more when their car is clean.

Shield’s car exterior products range includes everything from car cleaning supplies to wheel & tyre care, auto detailing products and more. To keep your car’s exterior in top shape for longer without breaking the bank, get your hands on Shield’s exterior car care products!

Interior Car Care

Hands up if you like driving in a car with a dusty interior. Nobody? We didn’t think so. Make sure your car interior looks great with Shield’s high performance car interior detailing products.

Shield’s car interior range cleans dirt and grime off a range of surfaces and materials, like leather and fabric seats, carpets and mats, as well as plastic and vinyl.

Engine Care

Keep your car running smoothly for longer with Shield’s engine care range. Shield products are specially designed to avoid premature wear and tear. Shield’s Additive Engine Range meets all OEM and API requirements and contains no harmful additives like alkalis or acids.

Multi-Purpose Cleaning

For your all-in-one car cleaning solution that cuts through stubborn dirt, dust and grime, Shield offers its Blade range of affordable multi-purpose cleaning products. Blade has been formulated to combat delicate and tough cleaning jobs with equal efficiency. Biodegradable, non-toxic and anti-bacterial, Blade can easily be diluted to suit your needs.

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