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“Greener” vehicle guide

There are things to keep in mind when you are working towards having a “greener” vehicle.

Ensure your vehicle performs at its best

Ensure your vehicle performs at its best and at the same time maintain your vehicle with the environment in mind. Improve your vehicle’s efficiency, reduce emissions and save your money by going green.

Regular maintenance by replacing spark plugs, oil and air filters; ignition system and emissions systems parts will help prolong the lifespan of your vehicle and be kinder to the environment.

There are things to keep in mind when you are working towards having a “greener” vehicle such as avoiding sudden stops and starts and keep to the speed limit as how you drive has to do a lot with the fuel economy. Ensure you remove unwanted things in your vehicle that add to the weight of your vehicle with the exception of your emergency kits as weight leads to your vehicle performing harder to carry the weight and at the same time increasing your petrol usage.

When maintaining your vehicle it is also a good idea to ask your mechanic what is the most important thing that you could do to your vehicle that will protect the environment. If your vehicle is emitting excessive amounts from your exhaust, ask your mechanic if everything is working properly with your vehicle and if there is something that needs to be fixed. Every little bit counts, even if you recycle the old oil in your vehicle.

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