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Has your 12-volt Power Outlet stopped working?

Power Outlet Trouble Shooting

Are you battling to get your 12-volt outlet to work? It is tough to know if this is a pre-existing issue, or if it started after you plugged in the inverter. A pre-existing issue could be that the light fuse is blown. It could also be a problem with the socket itself that is preventing your accessory’s plugs from making good electrical contact.

Nevertheless, you have two options.

  1. You can check for foreign objects inside the socket using a flashlight. Usually when non-metallic objects fall into the socket it prevents an accessory plug from making contact and metallic objects like wire can affect the circuit. If there is nothing obstructing the circuit then this could be a power issue.
  2. Test the power with a cigarette lighter, if it heats up and pops out then the socket has power, if not, then that means the fuse if broken and will need to be replaced. If you plug in the inverter and the fuse blows it is most likely that the inverter is the problem.

If you are still unsure get a professional to have a look for you and get to your nearest AutoZone for a wide range of car accessories and parts to fix the issue.