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What are Automotive Aftermarket Parts?

Owning a vehicle requires maintenance and care.

Ensuring that your car remains in pristine condition is easy with AutoZone. AutoZone is an aftermarket parts retailer that is dedicated to assisting vehicle owners to preserve and prolong the life of their vehicles. Reputable automotive aftermarket part manufacturers produce high-quality spare parts at affordable rates to enhance your vehicle’s performance, running conditions and aesthetics. Automotive aftermarket parts in simple terms refer to auto parts manufactured by companies other than the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). These parts can be divided into two simple categories: spare parts and performance parts. Spare parts are simply non-OEM parts that are more affordable compared to original parts. They are widely available and used by vehicle owners to perform small self-service jobs on their vehicles. These parts may include: brakes, air-filters, wipers, etc. Always be sure to check your vehicle’s warranty for terms and conditions, as replacing certain parts may deem it void. Aftermarket parts manufactured to enhance the performance or aesthetics of your vehicle can be costly and should be fitted by a professional. These parts can include suspension parts, exhausts, rims, CPU systems, etc. Body shops and panel beaters are the largest consumers of aftermarket parts, as these parts lower the cost when repairing damaged vehicles. If you are concerned about fitting aftermarket spares on your vehicle contact your insurance provider to check if they approve original manufacturer parts. This may increase your excess or premium. Making the decision to use non-OEM parts should be a researched decision as not all manufactured parts for a specified model of vehicle may fit and can be damaging if fitted incorrectly. Learning more about aftermarket parts can save you money and help you make an educated decision when purchasing parts. Look for recognised aftermarket brands for the best quality product. AutoZone is proud to stock high quality after market parts for the convenience of our customers. Use our handy store locator to find your nearest AutoZone. We will be happy to help you find the right part at the right price in one of our 160 stores nationwide!