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Car Audio

Car Audio – Amplifiers and speaker boxes for better sound quality

Car Sound

In South Africa, where public transport is often an issue, owning mainly to the fact that we do not have enough viable public transport, many people own their own vehicles.

More and more people are wanting to personalise their cars – adding a touch of personality and an element of entertainment. Audio accessorising is has become a popular means of adding that something extra to one’s ride.

One of the very basic and fundamental car audio accessories is an amplifier. Adding the very first touch of spark to a car, the amplifier can enhance one’s driving experience.

An Amplifier is an electronic device that increases the power of a specific signal. In the case of an audio amplifier it increases the signal of the sounds waves produced allowing a louder or softer sound to be emitted.

For music lovers, normal car speakers are just simply not enough. Opting for an amplifier can increase the quality of music in the car. There are 5 reasons as to why an amplifier can be an asset to your vehicle:

Firstly, volume is the most obvious quality amplifiers can increase. Combat environmental noise such as traffic, aircons and engines sounds with a great amplifier and really take in the sounds from songs!

Amplifiers provide better sound quality. While normal speakers often emit distorted sounds, amplifiers eliminate interference due to their ability to use different output channels that can vary the number of watts according to a purpose.

The third reason for buying an amplifier is for the features. Amps come with useful features such equalizers and signal processors.

Flexibility is a fourth reason amplifiers are a great buy. Multi-channel amplifiers will allow you to include more car audio upgrades at a later stage such as combining many channels into one and allows you to set up future hotspots for other devices.

Lastly, amplifiers are efficient! They are incredibly power efficient and use little energy to operate the stereo of your car.

AutoZone has a range of amplifiers to help you improve the sound quality of your car.

Great Car Audio with Boxes and Backboards

When it comes to car audio little adjustments and accessories can make a big difference. When you are a music lover these accessories become even more important.

Two such accessories that improve the quality of sound in your car are Boxes and Backboards.

For music lovers, the addition of speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers and tweeters can greatly improve the quality of sound you receive in your vehicle. However, the sound that speakers emit can be supported and improved even more with the addition of boxes and backboards.

Boxes encase a speaker such as a subwoofer and concentrate the direction of the sound waves. This means that when a bass of a certain frequency is emitted the frequency remains similar to the original frequency. This means that sound remains as pure to what the artist intended it to be as possible.

Great sound can often be affected by vibrations caused by speakers bouncing against a weak backboard. Vibration causes distorted reverberation that can often ruin ones musical experience. Buying a sturdy backboard on which you can place your speaker will help you obtain better sound.

AutoZone has a range of boxes and backboards to help you accessorise your car in order to get the very best sound possible.