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The Perfect Car Emergency Kit

Essentials to keep in you Car

Are you a regular road tripper? It is very important to have the necessary solutions in place before planning your big trip. The health and safety of your family should come first and be prepared for any worse case scenario. What you should consider having in your vehicle at all time:
  1. A first aid kit Having just the basics in here can go a long way. It is always smart to keep one handy in your car especially if you have children. Even the most minor accident such as a cut needs to be treated. It is also good to keep easily accessible wet wipes at hand for sanitation purposes.
  2. A mechanical kit Things such as pliers, screwdriver, a rachet and so on are good to keep in an easy to store away bag for emergencies where nuts and bolts need to be tightened for a smooth ride and avoid later problems. This also should include jumper cables should your vehicle battery die; and emergency triangle/road flares should find yourself broken down on the side of the road – this is purely a safety precaution.
  3. A mini fire extinguisher Fire extinguishers come in many sizes. A mini one that can be easily stored under your seat is good to keep incase of a fire sparking up in your own vehicle, especially in cases where your battery drains.
  4. A flashlight and tow rope It is always safe to keep a flashlight on hand should an emergency take place at night or you need to see in very dark places of your vehicle. A tow rope is essential if you are broken down and the only option you have is to be towed away to get back to safety.
  5. Map In this modern day we have become reliant on our electronic GPS’ and cellphones. It is always a good idea to have one of those hardcover road maps incase your cellphone battery dies and you have no charger.
  6. Water bottle and snacks When travelling this will come in handy for those long car rides. It is also important to keep hydrated at all times. Snacks such as snack bars are good to keep on hand for situations where you find the road trip to be longer than planned. This will settle the family for a while until you find the nearest place to eat.