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Car Hacks

Useful Tips and Tricks for you and your Car

When it comes to your car, you want to keep it in tiptop shape, right? This exercise doesn’t have to be costly, nor does it require in depth car knowledge. A few simple hacks can see you act like MacGyver and keep your car in great shape for longer.

Winter is long gone, but you want to be prepared when the cold hits, right? If you park outside overnight in freezing weather, you run the risk of your car lock freezing over – scary thought! Instead of grunting at your misfortune (and possibly being late to wherever you need to be), squirt some hand sanitiser on your key. The alcohol content will melt the ice away.

Have small dings and dents? Dry ice can help pop those them right out. Turn to Google to find out where you can get some in your area. Remember to wear protective gloves and go at it. It might take some time to remove the dent, so apply it repeatedly.

Locked out of your car? We know how frustrating that can be; even a little embarrassing. Shoelace to the rescue! Make a large enough loop in the shoelace to wrap around the door lock. Then slowly work it into the gap between the door and your car and carefully move it until the loop is around the door lock. This is where you feel like a cowboy – lasso it and lift the lock. Please note that this only works that have upper lock mechanisms.

Always forgetting where you parked your car? Just use your smartphone to take a few pictures of where you parked (specifically which entrance you used) and never walk around looking for your car again!

Did you know that a heavy keychain could weigh your ignition switch down? This can cause premature wear and tear. It can also make your jeans appear bulky if you keep it in your pockets. So you’ll benefit all-round by having less clutter on your keychain!

That pile of junk and unnecessary “cargo” in your boot could be costing you valuable Rands. Get rid of it to make your car a little lighter, thus saving you some fuel and making your Rand go a little further.

These are just a few hacks that can make driving more pleasurable and simple for you and your family. At AutoZone, we carry an extensive range of products that help you keep your car in great shape. Visit your nearest store today!