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Easy DIY Tips for Maintaining your Vehicle

DIY Car Maintenance

Learn how to maintain your own vehicle. By doing your own car maintenance this can save you a lot of time and money. Don’t find yourself stranded on the side of the highway or in unfamiliar surroundings not knowing what to do if something goes wrong with your vehicle.

Oil in your vehicle is essential to lubricate the engine components. When oil in your vehicle is dirty or low this can cause serious damage to your engine. It is important to check your oil regularly to avoid running low and running the risk of damaging your engine. In terms of complexity this is one of the easiest things to check. Should you find that your vehicle needs an oil change, make sure your vehicle is at a complete stop and at a constant level. This can be a messy job, as you will need to drain the oil out of your vehicle, install a new oil filter as well as put new oil in.

In cases where you forgot to turn off your vehicle lights and you have now run your battery flat you will have to restart your battery using jumper cables. Remember safety first, your vehicle has to be off before going anywhere near the battery terminals.

If you find yourself in bad weather and notice your wiper blades don’t seem to be working as efficiently as they use to? For the safety of yourself and your family it is probably time to replace them. Make sure you do not purchase new wipers from anywhere or any size as every vehicle model is designed differently; you need the right wipers to fit your vehicle screen. When changing your wipers you can do a quick check by running your finger along the wiper blades to check for a smooth surface.

Rotating your vehicle tyres help them wear out evenly. This job does require a bit of physical strength, if you have someone that can help assist you that would be recommended. A good point to consider when it comes to changing your tyres make sure the sizes of both front and rear are the same size. If they are different be sure to only rotate the front tyre with each other and the rear tyres with each other.

Don’t find yourself stranded on the road, knowing these quick tips can help a lot when you find yourself in undesirable situations.

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