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Frequent Car Checks to Fight Off Headaches

How to keep your car hassle-free

Owning a car is much like other things in life – your continued enjoyment depends on what you put into it. Think of it like going through school without studying; at some point you will start struggling. Apart from taking your car for its scheduled services, there are essential checks that you can perform yourself that should help keep you out of trouble. Many are tempted to drive their car until nearly empty, i.e. the fuel warning light comes on. It’s best not to do this, especially if you’re driving in an area you don’t know particularly well. The last thing you want is to get stranded. Be sure to check your lights often. Driving with blown brake lights is not only dangerous, it can land you with a hefty fine if caught – neither of which you want. Check your indicators, brake lights, brights, etc. to be sure that your car lights are in good working order. Many people aren’t too clued up when it comes to the inner working of their cars and so they don’t think of having their oil and water checked frequently. Try doing this at least once a month. You can do this yourself at home, or ask the petrol attendant next time you fuel up to have a look at your car’s fluids. As with fuel, it is best not to wait for the warning light to come on. One of the most common causes of breakdowns is a battery problem. If yours is getting on in years, have it tested at a battery centre and replace if needed. You will be glad you did! Finally, another element you should be checking often is your car’s tyres. If they aren’t properly inflated or if the tread is worn out, it could have serious effects on your driving and your safety. Make sure they are always properly inflated. It is also wise to rotate your wheels every 6 months or so and replace your tyres when necessary.