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How to React in an Accident

What to do when involved in a Car Accident

Accidents are always scary and can be fatal too! That’s why it is so important to stay vigilant at all times while driving. Keep your eyes on the road and pay attention.

If you find yourself in a car accident, stay calm and do not panic. Make sure you are not hurt – first yourself and then ensure the other drivers are okay. Make sure to call the emergency services (police and ambulance) to attend to the scene.

Do not remove your car from the scene of the accident, put your hazard lights on for passers by to see. The car needs to stay as is after an accident for police to see its impact and place how the accident happened.

Make sure you calmly get the other driver’s details, license disc number, and insurance information. If there are possible witnesses, allow them to speak to the police. Make sure you take pictures of how the cars are situated and the damaged areas.

If you do not feel hurt, get medical attention anyway to ensure there is no whiplash or internal injuries. Once seen to, get to the police station to write a report and do a drawing of the accident and how it happened.

Accidents cause a lot of stress to all the parties involved, try to be careful and avoid car accidents where you can by abiding by the rules of the road.