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Car Hacks for Keeping your Car Clean

Keep your Vehicle Clean, Neat and Organised!

How long does it take for your car to accumulate scrap? 1 week after a wash? 2 weeks? Maybe 3 if you’re lucky? Here, at Autozone, we will give you some tips and tricks to keep your car clean with everyday household items. Keep your cubbyhole clutter free with spare makeup or toiletry bags! Sort all the odds and ends of your car into different sized bags – creams, sanitizers and tissues in one; GPS and wires in another; driver’s manuals and booklets in another. Get a case to keep your jumper cables tidy along with your triangle, Allen keys and car tools. This way you also know where they are at all times, in case of an emergency! Use cupcake holders in the cup holders to capture any bits and pieces you may not need, this helps throwing it away easier! If you keep tissues in your car, but the box gets trampled on daily, try putting the tissues in a takeaway coffee cup and keeping it in a cup holder! It’s so much tidier! Keep a packet in your car to throw away each day’s clutter that accumulates! You may eat a packet of chips, drink a cool drink or blow your nose; use the packet for disposal and then throw the packet away at the end of the day! These tips and tricks will help you keep your car clean from day to day until your next car wash!