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Make Your Car Feel New

Make Your Old Car Feel New Again

You’ve been with her for years and she has served you well, meeting your needs and bringing you joy, but now the years are starting to show and you have started thinking about possibly trading her in for a younger model. There comes a time in every car owner’s life where they need to make this difficult decision. But for most of us, buying a new car is a big expense. So here are 6 things you can do to breath new life into your older car while it’s still running well.

  1. Clean and shine

    You would be surprised what a proper wash can do for your car. Clean everything you can see, inside and out, and even the nooks and crannies that you don’t necessarily look at.

  2. Fix up the cabin

    Fix any little problems and irritations in your car’s cabin. If your steering wheel is worn, replace it. If your shift is looking rough, get a new one. Are your seats worse for wear? Get seat covers to hide the unsightly seats. This could add up to a pretty penny, but it is worth spending this and, after all, it is way more affordable than buying a new car. If your car’s interior is better, your driving experience will be better.

  3. Up the sound

    It is quite possible that your car’s sound and entertainment system is either outdated or lacking the quality it first did. Update it with a new radio head unit that can connect with your phone via Bluetooth or has a phone auxiliary and USB port. You might also want to upgrade the speakers in your car for better sound.

  4. See clearly again

    If your vehicle has plastic composite headlights that have become dull, it affects the look of your vehicle quite severely. Get your hands on a restoration kit to buff the grime off and clear things up again. Your car will look better and your lights shine brighter, too.

  5. Check the outside

    If your car’s exterior is looking a little tired, you might want to consider having it repainted completely to freshen it up. Alternatively, you can just do touchups where needed. You would also be surprised what a proper wash, polish and detailing will do to your car’s paintwork.

  6. Many older vehicles have black plastic trim on the bumper, mirrors and other places on the car’s exterior and very often, these look terrible when faded. There are products out there that can help revive your trim, but prevention is better than cure here. If your trim is looking bad and you have restored it, make sure to keep it up to prevent it from fading again

  7. Get rolling

    Having your tyres in a good condition and properly inflated has many benefits and we can’t stress enough how important this is, however the look can also affect the overall appearance of your car. If they are still in a relatively good condition, just grab yourself some tyre polish and go to work. While you’re at it, revive your mags with a good quality mag cleaner. If not, a nice set of new mags can also help make your older car look great again and gives you an opportunity to inject some personal style.