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Things to know about the ABS light!

Make sure you know what to do if it stays on.

When you start your vehicle you will see the ABS light come up and go away within a second. However, if this sign stays on this usually acts as a warning for the driver, indicating a fault has occurred in the anti-lock brake system. The reasons as to why this has occurred is due to elements such as a standard bulb check, low fluid, faulty control unit, bad speed sensor or wiring problem, failed or failing pump or in some cases solenoid malfunction.

When you start the car and the ABS light comes on and then goes off straight away this if referred to as bulb check, this is just a notification to the driver that everything is working properly.

If you notice the ABS light doesn’t come on as soon as you start your vehicle this could mean your bulb is burnt out and needs to be changed, as you will not know in anyway if there is a problem.

If the ABS light comes on while you are driving, this means that some type of fault has occurred that the system has detected. In most circumstances, it is safe to continue driving in the mean time if the ABS light comes on, however, it also means that your brakes may fail should you need to brake harshly.

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