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Your Guide to Detailing your Car

Make your car feel fresh again!

We all love driving in a spotless, neat and fresh car, right? But taking it to be professionally detailed can become quite costly. Today we’re sharing some tips on how to detail your car at home. Be warned, it’s not a quick and easy process, but if you love your car, it’s a day well spent.

Start by giving your car a thorough inspection. This will allow you to see what areas need extra attention and help you prepare better. Inspect both your car’s interior and exterior.

If you have an air compressor, your next step will be to blow dirt from every nook and cranny of your car’s interior, the carpets and upholstery. You can also rent an air compressor if you don’t already have one or are not interested in purchasing one. Once done, suck it all up with a vacuum cleaner and wipe all surfaces down with a microfibre cloth to get rid of dust. After you’re done with that, apply some polish to the plastic surfaces to make them gleam, and use air freshener (either attached to a fan or hanging from the mirror) to make your car smell fresh.

Next move on to the tyres. Give them a wash with warm soapy water and finish them off with a high quality tyre gloss to keep a wet look finish. Doing so will make your tyres look brand new, an important yet often overlooked factor.

While you may be tempted to grab the pressure washer and rush through washing your car’s exterior, this isn’t recommended. The best car wash is a hand wash. This also gives you a clearer picture again of your car’s surfaces. With a car shampoo you trust and a clean chamois, give your car’s body a thorough wash and finish it off by removing all excess water with a rubber blade squeegee.

Now that your car’s exterior is nice and clean, it’s time to polish your paintwork. Note that you’re not putting on wax, though some car polish brands do contain wax. Polishing your car will smooth the paint surface, leaving your paint glossier and letting your vehicle look newer.

Finish off the exterior with a new coat of wax. Wax wears off over time, even as little as a few months, so it might be worth reapplying a new coat twice a year. Here’s a tip – add 2 coats of wax in case you missed some areas in your first coat.

Finally, look at the details! Clean the glass with a good window cleaner and buff it with a microfibre cloth. Be sure to wash inside and outside.