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How To Change A Car Tyre

Don’t get stranded when your tyre goes flat!

The simplest tasks can feel like the most daunting challenge, taking on the challenge of changing a tyre can seem like a major obstacle but it is easy and simple. Follow our great DIY to learn the steps to changing your own tyre without relying on others or waiting for help.

What you will need:

  • Spare Tyre (Always check your spare and keep it in good condition)
  • Jack
  • Wheel Spanner


  1. Find a flat and stable surface area to change your tyre.
  2. Ensure that the vehicle is switched off and gears are in neutral.
  3. Place a heavy object such as a rock or brick behind your wheel.
  4. Remove the jack, spare tyre and wheel spanner from your boot.
  5. Check your user manual for placement of the jack for your model of vehicle.
  6. Place jack under the frame near the tyre that needs to be changed.
  7. Raise the jack until it firmly touches the frame of the car, do not raise car as yet.
  8. Loosen the nuts on the wheel just enough to break the force using your wheel spanner. Do not loosen the nuts all the way.
  9. Crank the jack to lift the vehicle enough to easily remove and replace the tyre. Ensure the vehicle is stable at all times.
  10. Once the vehicle is stable and lifted to the perfect height remove the nuts and the flat tyre.
  11. Place the spare in the correct position and ensure that the rim of the tyre is aligned with the wheel bolts.
  12. Place the wheel nuts back into place and tighten with your hands until snug.
  13. Once the nuts are snug, use your wheel spanner to tighten. Use a star pattern to tighten the nuts in sequence to ensure your wheel is balanced.
  14. Lower the vehicle onto the full weight of the tyre and lower the jack into original position.
  15. Tighten the nuts once again using the wheel spanner, use your full force to ensure they are fastened properly.
  16. Place all the tools used and the flat tyre in the boot of your vehicle. Take your flat tyre to a mechanic or tyre merchant for a replacement.
  17. Check tyres including your spare tyre regulary to ensure that your tyres are in good running condition at all times. Tyre tread, pressure and alignment can affect the wear and tear of your tyre as well as your fuel consumption. AutoZone supports road safety, visit your nearest AutoZone store for more about how you can keep your vehicle in excellent running condition to stay safe on the road.